This blog wants to be a first practical step into a project over which I have been mulling for quite a while.

To put it into a few words, it intends to offer a point of view and some instruments for those whom, having an interest towards Italy, it’s language, and it’s culture, find it hard to get beyond the widely available stereotypical offer that includes classic literature, relatively ancient history, classical music, and so on.

The focus here wants to be over culture intended as a weltanschauung, as a way to perceive and organize reality, analysed and offered to “foreign eyes” in a hopefully more understandable form.

It’s a continuous work in progress, so hopefully it will grow also thanks to the cooperation of the other side – the readers – to whom it is really supposed to be useful. I hope I’ll recieve feedbacks, questions, and suggestions.

I choose english as the mean to do this because I am comfortable expressing myself with this language, and also I hope it will be a mean by which it will be easier to share the contents.

Should anybody feel interested in cooperating, from whatever point of view – from translation in other languages to adding contents – feel free to contact me and let’s do it!

I’d like to thank the internet for making this possible.

Let’s get started!