My projects, at time, I must admit, tend to have the hiccups.
I started this blog knowing I wanted to do something about this, then kind of went back to the cave for a little bit to think about it again.
I’m back now. I think this is the right way to go.
I’ll post my thinking, my ramblings, my ideas, my connections. I’ll just post it.
Maybe something interesting will come out of the general picture one day. Maybe not.
I’ll give it a try.
My view of things.
Insider, but able to stand on the edge. Not outside. Because an outsider look is not what I am interested in. On the edge, between inside and outside.
It’s hard to stay on the edge. Hard job indeed.
I might not succeed, but this is my beta, and it’s out.
Si comincia.

P.s.-May I thank Dr. Jessica C. for the support and the push. And the article.