I am going to try to explain my point of view over a very complex situation.

Our prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, Italian tycoon and professed self-made-man, is also the founder and owner of Mediaset, half of Italy’s nationally broadcasted antenna tv channels (there is satellite, Sky, but still not as widespread as in other countries).

Berlusconi always used his channels as a way to convey political messages, as it is technically (I don’t agree, but I won’t get it this right now) in it’s right. Public tv, RAI, paid by Italian taxpayers was to be the other half of the tv offer, guaranteeing pluralism and freedom of information and speech.

To make a long story short, many people among whom myself, claim and believe that ever since Berlusconi became prime minister (therefore gaining power over public RAI), he tried restlessly to shut up the last few voices that dared “opposing” him, simply doing their job as journalists and telling stories as they were.

His first successfull attempt was the Editto Bulgaro. Now, with the occasion of the coming regional elections in Italy, he tried the trick again, and even got caught on wiretapping.

One of his first and main targets, Michele Santoro, that used to regularly host the show Annozero (particularly disliked by our prime minister) was forced to shut the show down to respect the par condicio period before the elections, together with all the rest of the political talkshow.

Many saw this as another attempt to shut the “dissidents” up.

The satellite tv channel Current decided to host a special night, Rai per una notte (Rai for one night), to give a chance to these journalists to keep on doing their job.

It’s tonight at 9pm, Italian time. It can also be watched in streaming over the internet here.

P.s.- I will later embedd the code to watch it from here as well, as soon as they make it available.

P.p.s.- I wrote this post right before class, managing to arrive late for it. In the middle of it I got a mail on my phone pointing out this article of The Economist from yesterday. So this is actually an update.

More points of view are always welcome. If you find something and send it to me I’ll share it.