Today I happened to be with some friends in Arezzo, in Tuscany, for a stroll.
We ended up at a comic book fair, where was also being hold a cosplay meeting, or maybe it was just the occasion for some kids to show off thier cool outfits, claiming their slice of cake of this, at least for Italy, fairy recent trendy activity.
While we were walking in, a 17-or-so-year-old guy was coming from the opposite direction, carefully walking inside his bulky but carefully handmade anime robot outfit.
He had a beard, so at first I thought he was older. Then I noticed something. Next to him was walking his father. Behind them, chatting with another lady, came his mother.
The scene was peculiar. An average italian family, walking together with their son dressed as a robot.
I thought how would I have felt if I had a 17-year-old son who liked to dressed like a robot.
I know he was about that age because of the beard and because he didn’t have his license yet. Scenes from Italy in 2011; family is still important.
The mother, chatting with her friend while walking behind her son dressed as robot as if it was the most natural thing in the world, was holding for him the huge plastic sword, part of the costume. Thank you mom. Grazie Mamma.
I wished I had my camera with me, or some kind of device that could record everything my eyes witnessed. It’s a wish I make often. That image was just perfect.
The mother and the sword.