I was almost going to bed, turn the lights off.
Then it hit me.
Let’s jump for a second in a hypothetical future: let’s admit that Berlusconi (Yes, it is an obsession. Wanted Italy beyond stereotype? THIS is what goes on in our lives, when we take a look at a paper, when we turn the news on. Unless, of course, you watch Studio Aperto…) stands trial and is condemned. End of the Berlusconi era. Then, what?
Those who voted for him are still here, with us. And we are not talking about a plethora of idiots who actually believed he was innocent all along. These people, in most cases, knew and understood what the deal was. The game was about getting a slice of the cake until you had a chance, until someone like you, Berlusconi, who only wanted some cake himself, gave you the chance to do so. Grab whatever you can, until you can. These people are still here, with us. Italians, like us. What are we going to do?
This is a civil war.
Is this time like the end of WWII? Definitely we have to rebuild. But how? What country do we want? It is unconceivable to think of exclude part of the nation from the process. They might not even want to rebuild, they probably think there is nothing to rebuild, and their president rightfully elected was denied the right to govern. How can we do this? What are we going to do?
Italy this year celebrates 150 years as a unified country. A famous sentence from Massimo D’Azeglio, from those days, reads somethings like: “We made Italy, now we have to make the Italians”. Could it be finally time for it? We’ll have to face it, sooner or later.
Is it late enough, yet?