Italians are not that Catholic, we said that already.
They might go to the mass on sunday, pay respect if and when needed, but it’s a kind of behaviour which belongs more to the social, and in some case even political, sphere, rather than a spontaneous consequence of an inner move.
Some of us might be spiritual, but most of us are simply very cynical. Heaven and hell do not represent anything anymore. in some cases this can be a liberation. In some other it just leaves people wandering. What’s the point? Geez. Why didn’t anybody try to explain the metaphore here? Don’t you get it that if you only try, not even that hard, to live your life properly, heaven is what develops around you? Maybe we didn’t have an explaination ready for everybody of quantum physics, or we couldn’t wait for Ghandi so reincarnate into an Italian, but don’t people see that by doing their everyday job they make a difference? No, really. Everyone complains about the fact that no one gives a damn. You go to the hospital, the doctor don’t even know what tests they ran on your poor grandma. You go to a public office and the dude takes forever, in the best cases, or might not even be of any help. The guy who makes photocopies at the university stapled the ALL, I mean ALL of them, wrong. I confess, this is the whole point. The photocopies are the cause of this post. Why, why, don’t people see that this is what makes this place so hard to live in? There is no heaven and hell people, hell is what you build day after day by not giving a damn.