Remember Fantozzi? I mentioned him at the end of an older post, and today he comes up again, but because of a different reason.

This time the reference goes straight to the character, and it’s due to an article appeared yesterday on the Corriere della Sera. The title, translated, reads: “Work and the revenge of Accountant Fantozzi: now young people dream of being an office worker”.

According to a research of Adecco, a well known human resources company, the new dream job in Italy is the white collar worker. If Fantozzi used to embody mediocrity, that has now become a dream. Too many years of university, masters, unpaid work experiences, languages learned, and expensive rents paid month after month, often with the help of mom and dad if not directly by them (like in my case), to end up in one’s 30’s, no job but many many broken dreams.

We are not talking about some cases: that’s a picture of the majority of the young generations of this country. This picture says that people think that trying to reach to one’s dreams is pointless. A waste of time and money. Stick to the safe side. Get a sucky job, if you can. No point in aiming for anything better. Social mobility is utopia. If you were poor you will stay poor. So far, at least, trying to improve their situation people studied, got an education; now even that trend appears to be changing. University enrollments are going down. Nice. We will be poorer and less educated.

Something has to happen. We are the generation of the stolen future. Those before us ate it all, left nothing but the bills to be paid. We will not experience any life improvements in our lifetime, probably, differently from the last 2 or maybe 3 generations before us. My parents are struggling to retire, while we don’t even know if we’ll manage to make a decent living.