Today I was out with my girlfriend and a friend of mine for an afternoon stroll, and we happened to go for an ice cream – a gelato.

The gelateria – the ice cream parlor – as it often happens, was an area of a bigger bar/café in the city center of Perugia, the city where I am studying and living.

While waiting in line, I noticed how the owners decided to add, on the little plate with the name of the relative flavor, the English translation for it. It turned out to be a funny way to entertain myself while in line.

One for all, that captured my attention and got me smiling, was the “Zuppa Inglese”, literally translated into “English Soup”.

I couldn’t possibly hold myself. I took a pic of it and posted it on facebook, soon getting several different reactions, going from inquiries by non-italian-speaker friends, to I like‘s by Italians that saw the irony of it.

Given my natural deformation that causes me to give explanations whenever a foreigner asks questions about Italy and Italians (and often even without the need for them to ask – as this blog extensively demonstrates), I found myself explaining the post, and wondering myself why that funny name – why soup? What does ice cream possibly have to do with a soup??

I found the answer – together with a little story of it – here, and I now share it with you all.