You know what I think?
I was thinking of what happened in the streets and the squares of the world these last days
It is a clash of civilizations, Babylon vs Zion, but the real problem is that the majority of the people worldwide isn’t really aware of what’s going on, and that is partially our fault.
I am afraid that at the eyes of many, people that grew up (like us, remember) in the “old world”, this revolution of which we talk about sounds more scaring than else.
They know what they leave, but they can’t see where we are heading…wouldn’t you hesitate?
Often the old world vs us sounds like “growth” against “devolution”, “prosperity” vs “we all need to be a little poorer in order to be all better and safer”. People don’t buy that. You wouldn’t either, and in fact you don’t.
What we fail to do, is to explain what we actually mean.
None of us wants to be poorer. Be colder. Have less fun. Go to less places.
What we want is to be able to consume BETTER. Consuming better means that instead of buying a cheap sweatshirt that in 2 years will be worn out, you get a BETTER sweatshirt, made of better quality, spending a little more (maybe what? 20%, 30%?) but then using it for 10 YEARS. Remember when you used to get affectioned to things? And ten years later you were still happy to be using them? Maybe a sweatshirt, a pan, some knives, a pair of kicks?
30% more in price when you bought it, but then spread over 10 years of use. Maybe it would have still be worth it even if you had to pay 50% more? Even better quality? Even more salary for those who makes them? But in fact, you still consumed less.
Consuming less DOES NOT mean to be poorer. It means better quality.
It also means, I guess, knowing who you really are, because using something for that long you GOT TO LIKE IT! And this is not exactly non-consumistic way of thinking…we are still talking about being defined by things you buy…c’mon.
At the same time, who wants to consume less energy?
I don’t.
I don’t want to be cold in winter. What I want is that energy to come from renewable sources.
Why is our government (ours, also yours!) still investing in oil, sending kids over to war to die only so that prices of a limited good which is already scarce and whose price is already rising and rising as there is less and less, can continue to rise so that those people in Wall Street and Dubai can become even richer?
Wouldn’t it be smarter FOR US to have our government, people that WORK for US, invest into access to unlimited sources of energy, as often renewable ones are, available everywhere on the spot, creating new jobs in research, installation, assistance? Not one big central, but many many little producers, on every roof, on every window, on every tile.
From one big central with one big owner, to many little spots, with many little owners: this is called redistribution of wealth, did you know that, you filthy red!?!?
This is what we want. We want better quality, less quantity. Better sources of energy. Better food, that doesn’t cost us 1€ when we eat it, and then 10€ to take care of health problems that derive from it; better to spend 3, even 4. Eat better, live better.
More local products. More seasonal fruit and vegetables. More jobs around us, better ripen and more tasty fruit.
This is what we want.
This is what a government closer to the people means.
We are 99%. Of the world. We need to work together. Together we have already won.