Long before Occupy, before it became evident that something was going wrong, someone was already protesting.

First came Seattle, in 1999, and the movement looked scary. Someone decided it had to be silenced. Then came Genoa, in July 2001.

It was probably supposed to be a lesson for all, worldwide. Amnesty International called it “the most serious suspension of democratic rights in a Western country since the Second World War”. You might want to watch this.

Italy Calling

After a 9-hour debate, the Italian Supreme Court has issued its final sentence against the 25 defendants – policemen and heads of security forces – responsible for the violence against the activists sleeping in the Diaz school during the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. Result: most of the charges have been declared time-barred, leading to impunity for all the people involved. In the meantime, 10 activists are facing a total of 100 years of jail between themselves for crimes of “devastation and looting”.

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