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That’s some movie downloading for you!
In Perugia, Corso Garibaldi, Mauro Gatti busy with some reels in front of his Cinema teatro Sant’Angelo.

Cinegatti is the company founded by Mauro and Mirco Gatti that manages the Sant’Angelo, following their father steps and continuing the family business, resisting the cutthroat competition of huge multiplex cinemas that rised in the suburbs. Together with Cinema Zenith.

The Sant’Angelo is also the only place in Perugia (that I am aware of, at least) where you can watch movies in their original language, carrying on the tradition that sees this city as a meeting and exchange point for languages and cultures.

Tonight I went to see Videocracy.
I was really curious. It is about Italy, but it was not thought for and Italian audience, being a swedish production.
It is kind of what I’m trying to do here, in this little bolg of mine. So I was really curious.
The first thing that comes to my mind if I think about the movie is that to me it felt like i was watching a horror movie.
The atmosphere in the room was really tense. It was facing reality, for good, as hard as it is.
Second, the picture in the movie is really good. And the editing too.
It’s a documentary, and all the people that appear in it are not acting.
Still, some of the people that appear in it are so disturbing (and disturbed), real people, influencial people.
And the picture and the editing take it out of them, making them look as bad as characters from a horror movie.
Commenting on it as I was buying some water during the show, I learned for the owner of the theatre that the director himself defined it as a horror movie.
You read this blog? Go see the movie.

Here on the bottom is a youtube video made on a song by Caparezza pretty much about the same subject. Soon I’ll publish the lyrics translated.

L’età dei figuranti – Caparezza: Lyrics

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