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It is the fourth of CapaRezza’s albums.
It is somehow revolutionary because of the way it’s organized and put together.
The album is in fact a phononovel, a neologism created by CapaRezza himself to describe his work in which every song is tied together as episodes of one single story.
Also, the album is meant to integrate the actual novel published by the artist in his first book, saghe mentali.

The story starts with CapaRezza who, during a concert in which he commemorates the revolutionary period of 1968 (period which is particularly felt in Italy by the part of the population who feels more represented by left wing parties, and more generally by the less conservative parts of the population), he opens a portal in spacetime to 1968, from which arrives Ilaria, a young Roman hippie with whom CapaRezza falls in love shortly afterwards, finding in her the purity and the integrity of conscience that he cannot find in girls nowadays.
Being given by Ilaria a political leaflet, Caparezza finds himself arrested by the police as soon as he puts it in his pocket; carrying pockets is now forbidden!
In jail he’s explained by another prisoner that those weird events are happening because of Ilaria: by having travelled in time, she is in fact irreversably modifying the spacetime, therefore she has to go back.
Fact is that Ilaria is getting used pretty quickly to all of those modern customs that Caparezza despises, quicly ruining her integrity in his eyes.
Moreover, she’s now engaged to the powerful leader of a political party that wants to be a mock of Berlusconi: he’s really powerful, and draws support from a society which is getting more and more uneducated and caring only for superficial things and appearance.
CapaRezza will continue his quest, meeting Luigi delle Bicocche, a hard-working bricklayer that represents the oppressed lower working class with a dignity that opposes the raising regime, and that in the end will give his life to send Ilaria back and to save our world.

The title of the album, le dimensioni del mio caos , meaning the proportions of my chaos, plays on the similarity and partial assonance between the word caos – chaos -, and cazzo – dick, penis -.

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