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The shipwreck of the Costa Concordia at the Giglio island, and especially the behavior of the captain (phone call recording with English subs), was an ice-cold shower for many Italians. Used to political and economical problems, what has happened in the last months and the last weeks, the fall of the government, the nominated setting up of a so-called technical one, the darkest market clouds we have ever seen gathering up and starting probably the worst financial and economical storm of our lifetime, had still left us kind of numb; Italians are told all their life not to expect too much, to believe that public life and markets are corrupted, that history is implacable and life is short, so better take advantage of whatever one can until one’s able to: in a few words, we are culturally ready for pretty much anything, and this coolness, that at times becomes coldness, often shocks the rest of the world.

This time, though, it’s all of us being shocked. All we have gone through in the last years, months, weeks is finally coming up. People are finally sick. It took Schettino for us to get indignados. Sicily started already, even though mainstream medias don’t talk about yet. Things might not seem connected, but they are. The reaction is starting. The analogy made by Beppe Grillo in his last post is unbelievably accurate.

The Concordia shrinking and sitting by the coast of the Giglio island symbolized our reaching the bottom. From now on, we can only rise.

While the eternal city is still licking it’s wounds after October 15, which was untimely followed by torrential rain and flooding a few days later (video), and while the world rises in protest against the economic crisis and the EU works day and night trying to avoid economic breakdown that would carry the world down the toilet together with the Euro and the old continent (maybe we should have thought about it before..?), things like this happen.

We aren’t quite there yet; we need less people feeling they NEED plasma televisions, and more cops on our side. 25,000 people for an iPhone or a tv. 200,000 for protesting. There is definitely room for improvement.

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