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The reason why Italians always tend to run late is because we try to do things together. Conciliating (?) all sorts of different needs and situations require time.
Lots of time.
And the delay accumulates. Like debt.
National debt, national delay.

I have always been fascinated by the colors of the bright summer days in old Italy.
It first struck me in Venice, during my high school years; I have hundreds of memory snapshots that made me awe in silence, often not even stopping because of the fast pace that we are often forced to keep in order to even out the slowness of other occasions (a hit to the slow Italy stereotype: you want some moments to be slow, you need to accept to rush in others).
This morning I was supposed to be at work at 8, but find out just today that the alarm clock app I downloaded for my new Android phone apparently doesn’t work if the phone is off. Pretty useless. I opened my eyes at 7.40, sleepy as never, and got myself going.
As I rushed to work through the usual backdoor alley, my sleepy brain urged me to share the moment.
Enjoy my rush to work.

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