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Oh yeah I like this one! Get yourself some peanut butter and get practicing people! If you don’t know where to find PB because maybe you are currently oversea, go for a nice spoonfull of Italian Nutella (You knew it was Italian, right?)!


Not Just Another "Dolce Vita"


How do we pronounce this one, you ask? Has the odd G + L + I + E combination got your tongue in knots?

Simply say, “beehl-yeht-toh.” 

No, not “big-lee-etto”. No. No. No!  Don’t even think about it! You’ll make my ears bleed with that one…

Practice with me:  Beehl-yeht-toh. Beehl-yeht-toh. Beehl-yeht-toh. The trick to the pesky -gl sound, I always tell my Anglophone friends, is to move your tongue as if  pushing some imaginary (and very non-Italian) peanut butter off the roof of the mouth. Got it? Good.

So why are we talking about biglietti (plural of biglietto)? What are the confounding things, anyways?

Well, for 4 out of the last 5 years (this one included!), March has been the month that I’ve laid down my credit card, said addio to my precious…

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