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I wonder if when people think about Italy’s winters they still suffer of the stereotype created by  anglo-saxons literature of the 800’s.
And then I think of what in Italy we think of the winter; consequences on our social life, the cycle of seasons of our body, the tiredness of the dark months, the imposed fashion styles and those who follow them, seasonal products and dishes, project for the next good season, the grey sea and the abandoned beaches, enel gas’s bill…

Could I not post this? It couldn’t be more appropriate.

Wall Street Journal: Study Debunks Italian Stereotype.


Naples is, like Italy, pretty hard to figure out for those who don’t live in it.

After Gomorrah was published, and the city ended up on the news worldwide because of it’s gargabe scandals, Naples has been put under the international spotlight, casting a widespread shadow on it’s already stereotypical image made of pizza and pulcinella.

Neapolitans, and in general people from the area, when asked about it, often lose their patient; they are botherd by how people seem surprised about all this, and by how journalists and writers talk about their daily lives as if they did not know it has always been like that.

Lots of Neapolitans consider themselves survivors, re-affirming it on a daily basis through their everyday life.

Me being me, I love these kind of things. Hanging out with some friends from Naples, the subject quickly went to these topics, until we got stuck on trying to define what make Naples and the Neapolitans different from other Italians.

This is what came out of it.

Not a definition, because it is not what I go around looking for, but a point of view.

P.s.- In order to make this video accessible to everybody, I had to learn how to subtitle videos. It’s was my first time, and it took me pretty much a whole day. If it not the best subtitling you have ever experienced, be nice and patient, and forgive me. I’m learning.

One day in advance to when tradition tells us it is supposed to be, on March 20th at 6pm spring was here.

And I actually remembered that after I had been at the supermarket and found some yummy looking fava beans staring at me from their shelf: how could I resist? They are the quintessential early-spring food if you ask me (but many many more Italians would agree with me), and as soon as the winter is over and they appear in grocery stores it is simply impossible to resist the temptation. It’s like proving to yourself that it’s time for the sun to start warming you up again, for the temperature to rise, and for that cold to just let you go.

I brought them home, got out of the fridge some average mature pecorino cheese, and made myself a snack, that eventually became lunch when I couldn’t stop eating.

Someone would ask: no wine? Not at noon: at noon it makes me sleepy and can’t afford naps right now.

As I was getting them out of their buds I noticed some of them were actually still a little small, but oh well, they were just the first ones of the season.

There’s some un-stereotypical Italian snack for you. If you have a chance, give that a shot.

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